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5 Manufacturing Process: Disposable Palm Leaf Plates

Disposable Palm Leaf Plates are Biodegradable Dinnerware for the Sustainable lifestyle & the best option of the plastic made or chemically made plates or disposable products. Areca Leaf is sourced from the areca tree & areca trees are generally grow in Southeast Asian countries. In India, tree growth is generally in the Southern India part because of the suitable environment for the areca tree.

Manufacturing Process of Disposable Areca Palm Leaf Plates : 1) Palm Leaf Sourcing: During the season time, areca leaf is sourced from the local farmers, who grow areca trees. Sourcing is done very carefully that it will be further useful for making good quality tableware products. 2) Storage of the areca Palm leaf Products for making Disposable Palm Leaf Plates : After, sourcing the palm leaf, proper storage of the areca palm leaf products is very much important to avoid damage due to moisture. 3) Cleaning and drying of Areca palm leaf : After collection of the areca palm leaf, it will further go for the cleaning purpose. Because the end-use of areca leaf dinnerware is for putting the food on the plates. So, it should be clean in a very hygienic manner. Cleaning of the areca leaf is done with clean water to remove the dust or any unwanted patterns on the leaf. After the completion of the cleaning, it will further go for the drying purpose. The drying process will be done via sun drying or machine drying. The purpose of the drying process is to remove the moisture due to the water cleaning process and also to increase the shelf life of the product. 4) Leaf to Disposable Areca Palm Leaf Plates: After completion of the drying process of areca leaf, it goes into the shaping process of the areca leaf into the areca leaf round plate, areca leaf square plates, areca leaf round bowl, areca leaf square bowl, areca leaf rectangular plates, and also areca leaf plates or bowls are available in the different sizes. 5) Packing of Disposable Palm Leaf Plates: Disposable Areca Leaf Plates then go into the shrink packing, Generally, the shrink packaging bunch of 25 pcs, but the packaging quantity also be customized as per the client’s requirements. Biozey– Biodegradable Disposable Palm Leaf Plates. – We at Biozey, take care from sourcing the best quality leaf to making the best quantity. – We take care of proper hygiene during the whole process. – We are the processor, supplier, and exporter of Biodegradable Disposable Palm Leaf Plates Worldwide. Why choose Palm Leaf Plates

  1. Natural Products – Each plate is crafted from a piece of genuine palm leaf.

  2. Sturdy, non-toxic, chemical-free production process – The areca palm leaf plates produced are durable, totally intoxicated and there are no chemicals used during the production process of these plates.

  3. BiodegradableThese are totally eco-friendly and turn into fuel source with the course of time.

  4. Natural aroma and woody texture – The plates have a finely crafted woody texture and smell like palm leaves from the woods.

  5. Elegant, perfect fit for a theme party – These plates can fit in perfectly in any theme occasion. Disposable palm leaf plates have a unique look, with a beautiful texture and soft colors that catch the eye and that add elegance to any party or wedding table.

  6. Renewable source of energy – Disposable areca leaf plates come from a renewable source.

  • Cost-efficient – Compared to other types of disposable plates, bulk palm leaf plates are relatively affordable.

  • Durability – Disposable palm leaf plates don’t warp nor can they be easily pierced like plastic plates, making them a stronger, safer, more practical choice for meals that involve many courses.

  • Compostable products – Once you’re done with your disposable areca palm leaf plates, you can toss them into your home compost pile.

If you are looking for the Disposable Palm Leaf Plates then kindly please contact us:

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